Getting Through Pregnancy

First of all, congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re either an expecting mother or know someone who is. There are few things greater in the world! And now, reality is setting in – so many decisions to help make already! The choices vary from picking the right provider for your personal pregnancy care to what vitamin for taking. We’ve written this article to give you tips, advice and hints on how to get through your pregnancy.

Start tracking your monthly menstrual period. Using this method you will be aware if you ovulate. It will help you see when the optimum time is in order to conceive a baby. This can also help when you conceive because you may be better able to determine a due date to your baby.

Buy new shoes.
As the pregnancy progresses, the excess weight will throw off your center of gravity, putting additional pressure in your feet. This may cause both fluid retention and flat feet. Purchase some comfortable shoes which provide you good support they are going to alleviate a few of the previously mentioned concerns.

Quit smoking just before getting pregnant. Smoking could affect your capability to conceive, so find something that will help you stop. You must talk to your doctor to see what recommendations they should enable you to quit. There are numerous possibilities like pills and patches.

Get tested. When you get the sense which you might be pregnant, get a self pregnancy test or head over on to your physician immediately. In some instances, women do not realize these are pregnant until well in to the pregnancy and experience complications for that reason. Once you’ve confirmed that you are indeed pregnant, pay a visit to your local std clinic for routine testing.

Take part in Kegel exercises every day. This activity can increase your pelvic muscles, which affect your bladder, bowels and uterus. Kegels can help along with your delivery, and they can be done almost anyplace, including in a car or at work. To accomplish them correctly, you need to squeeze like you need to stop yourself from using the toilet. Hold this position for 3 seconds after which relax for three. Accomplish this in sets of ten.

Evaluate which the signs and symptoms of premature labor are just like and when you ought to call your doctor. If you’re lucky, you’ll never use this information. Knowledge is power, specifically in serious situations such as these. The earlier you take steps to cope with preterm labor, the more likely it is actually that the positive outcome will result.

Don’t neglect your companion while pregnant. You partner may well be excited and nervous too therefore, it is important to share experiences and reassure them during your pregnancy. Hang out together by using the films or taking a walk. Get the most from the quiet time together before your baby arrives, because life should never be the identical.

Be sure to find a good prenatal vitamin. In many cases your physician will prescribe the best choice for you but you will also find them over the counter. Ensure that it has at the very least .4 mg of vitamin b folic acid inside. You may even want to find an additional way to obtain iron to consider while you are pregnant.

When comparing your pregnancy to those of your respective friends or perhaps your own personal previous pregnancies, do not forget that every one is distinct. Each pregnancy may vary from the amount of weight you obtain towards the rate in which your belly grows. Also, the presence or deficiency of certain symptoms does not necessarily mean that something is wrong.

Focus on what you will be going through with your significant other. Spend about 10 to twenty or so minutes every evening referring to how excited you will be and what you think life will be as with your little one. This will develop your relationship stronger with your beloved, and also assist you to bond together with your baby.

To aid defend against nausea try snacking on something bland throughout the day, like whole wheat grains crackers or cheerios. Keeping your stomach slightly full alleviates most nausea. Some women also discover that eating crystallized ginger or drinking ginger tea to be very helpful. Try out healthy snacks to discover what matches your needs.

Make sure you share your feelings with the budding baby. Many scientists believe a fetus can reply to touch whilst in the womb, even as soon as ten weeks gestation. Not long afterwards, your little one will begin hearing voices and reacting to light. Speaking with your infant builds your bond.

When weight training exercise while pregnant, switch your focus in your endurance rather than seeking to construct your strength. Exercising while pregnant should be about maintenance not building new muscle. Work with lighter weights but increase the quantity of repetitions one does and also hardwearing . body at optimum shape.

Avoid plastic containers who have BPA while pregnant. BPA acts like estrogen within your body and will provide an adverse impact on babies. The BPA will have a feminizing affect on the fetus that you might want in order to avoid. Switch out your plastics for glass and stainless-steel to protect yourself from the danger.

As you now have experienced several of the methods you will have a happier, healthier pregnancy and in addition plan for your delivery, you can rest assured these nine months will soon become a distant memory. A treasured memory though. Don’t forget to make time to think about your experience.

Spirituality Guide

In Spiritualism, the Prime Creator, First Cause, God, whatever you think of when you think of the force that started reality in the first place, is known as Infinite Intelligence. Yes, it is correct to say that Infinite Intelligence is God. Spiritualists do believe in God. But there are a few important differences in the way Spiritualists understand God. Infinite Intelligence is not a father figure that offers rewards and punishment to his children.

Infinite Intelligence influences our world and our lives through the Principles of Natural Law. Natural Law, spiritual energy and purpose are thought to emanate from Infinite Intelligence. The more a person can learn to live in accordance with Natural Law the more that person will find life to be agreeable–or at least understandable. Put another way, living in a way that violates Natural Law is certain to create difficulties in a person’s life.

Living in accordance with Natural Law is not a matter of doing “good” or “bad.” Yes, living in a way that is consistent with Natural Law would seem to have good results for a person, but this goodness would be in the same context as the goodness one derives from not violating a traffic law, and thereby, not being given a traffic ticket.

Spiritualists seek to understand Natural Law as a way of life. Spiritual Maturity can be defined as the understanding of Natural Law and living in accordance with those Principles. A spiritually mature person can be defined as a person who has learned to live in accordance with Natural Law, rather than in conflict with it.

Spiritualist will say that understanding and living in accordance with Natural Law is an equivalent with the idea of “obeying the will of God.”


The history of Humankind includes considerable reference to the ability of people to communicate with spirits. As Humankind evolved toward our current civilization, so has the nature of this communication and belief as to who we are communicating with. There has been one constant throughout this long history: that is, the part that the individual plays in this communication as a medium between this world and the other side.

Mediumship is fundamental in human behavior.

In Spiritualism, mediumship is taught as an ability that can be learned and is practiced as a regular part of a person’s relationship with nature. Mediumship is not a mysterious gift handed down by a god to a favored few. It is an ability that is inherent in each of us. It can be learned just as an average person can train to be an accomplished athlete.

As with any human ability associated with consciousness, individuals experience mediumship in different ways. It has been our experience that people who have not studied mediumship, or who have not had personal experience with it, will not easily recognize this ability within themselves. However, with some training, it quickly becomes clear that the ability is there and in use as a natural part of a person’s life.

Meditation provides a good comparison for the nature of mediumship. Meditation is “the intentional directing of attention to the clear aspect of one’s own inner nature. In meditation, a person is asked to seek a state of relaxation in which the body is more or less asleep while the person remains mentally alert. The objective is to remove external stimuli so that the mind is free to focus on internal, mental processes. Once so relaxed, the person is then asked to clear the mind of thoughts about daily issues and to focus on not thinking at all. This is no paradox, really. The objective is to achieve a mental condition in which the person is ready to mentally listen to something that may originate “behind” or “within” the normal mental chatter. It is this “listening” that is important in mediumship.

About Mediumship

In general, any form of transference of information from nonphysical to physical reality involving a person living in the physical, is considered mediumship. It is important to note that in Natural Law, there is the Principle of Agreement. Simply stated, this Principle holds that an object of reality must energetically agree with the aspect of reality it will occupy. For instance, you as Self exist in this physical aspect of reality by living in a physical body. You are not your body. Perhaps it is more correct to say that you are in a symbiotic relationship with your body, for once the body dies, you as Self continue. Without your physical body to help you “energetically agree” with this physical aspect of reality, you cannot remain here.

Items of information are considered objects of reality. And so, items of information cannot exist in the physical without something to help them “energetically agree” with the physical. So you can see that any form of communication between our world and the spirit world must be facilitated in some way by something in our world as a transformer. Mediumship is that transformer. Thus, it is through our mediumship that our spirit friends are able to impress their thoughts and actions into the physical.

In mediumship, “Listening” is more often referred to as sensing and may take the form of mentally hearing, feeling or seeing subtle sensations, depending on the individuals way of interfacing with the environment. From the web site of the National Association of Spiritualist churches web site:

“A medium is one whose organism is sensitive to vibrations from the Spirit World and through whose instrumentality, intelligences in that world are able to convey messages and produce the phenomena of Spiritualism. The phenomena of Spiritualism consists of: prophecy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, gift of tongues, laying on of hands, healing, visions, trance, apports, revelations, raps, levitation, automatic and independent writing and painting, photography, materialization, psychometry, direct and independent voice, and any other manifestation which proves the continuity of life.”

Probably the most common form of mediumship is what has historically been referred to as “intuition.” When people state that they have a hunch or that they have a feeling about something, they are recognizing the operation of mediumship in their lives. Mediumship is a native ability that is as common as thought, itself.

People may function as mediums without being aware of their contribution to the Phenomena occurring around them. The poltergeist phenomenon is a good example. Hauntings researchers are coming to the conclusion that poltergeist are made possible when there is a young person in the household. While they are not usually aware of their contribution, these people appear to provide the psychic energy needed for a nonphysical entity to cause changes in the physical world.

People may be strong psychic mediums, yet when they are witness to something phenomenal happening around them, perhaps direct voice or levitation, they may not recognize that they have played an important part. This ability to facilitate the occurrence of Phenomena is sometimes referred to as “being a battery.” In this regard, a person organizing a development circle, who is aware of the concept of a human battery, will often try to situate strong mediums so that they will help to energetically balance the group.

Mediumship via Electronic Means

An important modern day development in mediumship is spirit communications via an electronic device. This is most commonly known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP); however, when images are involved, or two way communication through a device such as a radio, it is know as Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC). And yes, what is known about this phenomenon tells us that it is correct to describe it as Technology Augmented Mediumship (TAM). This phenomenon is known by many other names as well, making it clear that this is a very young science. We will refer to the phenomena as EVP on this web site.

You should know that there are differing opinions as to whether or not EVP is influenced by the mediumship ability of the person doing the recording. Spiritualists who are familiar with mediumship will recognize the similarities in how mediumistic phenomena occurs and how EVP occurs. It is also noteworthy that some of the first EVP recordings were made while researchers were attempting to make audio recordings of the direct voice phenomenon produced by mediums.

For more information, please refer to the American Association – Electron Voice Phenomena web site at


Spiritual healing is a central concept of Spiritualism. It is taught and practiced in the Spiritualist church as a demonstration of the existence of nonphysical reality, that people are spiritual beings and that there are entities that exist beyond our physical realm. It also shows that physical life is a preparation for the larger more expanded life beyond death.

One of the forerunners of Modern Spiritualism, Harry Edwards, felt that there were three purposes or goals behind the act of spiritual healing:

Spiritual healing is a recognizable, approachable and understandable sign and proof of Humankind’s immortality. Spiritual healing provides the reassurance that we are spirit now. We are immortal now.

The act of spiritual healing comes from what is good. It is received in goodness and accomplishes only that which is good. It points out the true meaning behind the Brotherhood of Humankind.

Spiritual healing is beautiful because it heals. It frees the body from pain and allows the spirit to expand and realize its own potential. A true psychic will know this.

Healing Postulates maintained by the NSAC:

Spiritual healing is the direct result of law-governed forces.

To make spiritual healing an effective health tool the healing force (energy) requires direction that has intelligence behind it.

In order to be successful, the guiding force, the Intelligence behind spiritual healing, must be able to successfully ‘diagnose’ and ‘treat the particular illness in question.
So you can see that Infinite Intelligence is thought to be the source of all healing, not the person who is functioning as a healer.

Spiritual healing is thought of as two distinct forms:

Spiritual healing is a conveyance of energy from a spiritual source to the one in need. This is the more desirable form of healing, in that the healer is functioning as a conduit for a nonphysical intelligence to bring energy to the one in need.

Magnetic healing is a transfer of the healer’s personal energy or vitality to the one in need. While this can be a powerful form of healing, it is not normally the objective form taught in Spiritualism. This form can deplete the healer’s personal energy to an undesirably low level.

The energies thought to be involved in spiritual healing assume many forms:

There is a certain amount of healing potential in the process of healing, itself. Properly done, the act of healing is a very relaxing experience for both the one in need and the healer. Like meditation, this can be very therapeutic.

The human body is believed to posses a form of energy often called Vitality, bio-energy (parapsychology), chi (Taoism) or prana (Hinduism). This energy is said to be etheric energy that has been differentiated by the Self to maintain the human body.

Spiritual energy is a higher form of energy thought to be made available to a person by a nonphysical entity who directly accesses this energy from Infinite Intelligence.

The human body is thought to be surrounded by energy fields generated by the higher bodies occupied by Self. This is seen as the auric field or the aura. The first and most commonly recognized body is usually known as the etheric body. The condition of the etheric body is thought to be a precursor to the condition of the physical body. For instance a negative attitude will appear to clairvoyants as a dark color in the aura and the physical body is thought to eventually respond with a relevant ailment.

Close examination of other energetic healing modalities, such as therapeutic touch, etheric healing, Reiki, and laying on of hands, will show that all are based on more or less the same fundamental concepts. Specifically, that it is possible to bring additional energy to the one in need in support of healing. It remains the responsibility of the recipient to accept this energy.

It should also be recognized that the one in need may have habitually violate some aspect of Natural Law, and until they come into compliance with Natural Law, help from spiritual healing will be temporary at best. Also, the one in need may very well be working to exit the body in transition. In this case, successful energetic healing would eventually facilitate this transition.